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Ducati 2018 World Premiere

Ducati laver et liveshow om en lille times tid kl.21 dansk tid! – Se med, da der vil være lancering af de HELT NYE modeller! SE LIVESTREAM HER

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I am a proud dane, riding a motorcycle. My youtube channel is where I share my moments of joy, one way or the other. It is also my creative outlet. I need to try different ways to capture what I do, but I also want to do different things. My channel is also a way to reach others with what I do, in order to expand my horizon.

Meeting others with the same interest is always a positive boost. I live a normal danish life with a fulltime job in sales and im a single dude.

Im a computergeek, and has been since 1998 – where we started the early days with LAN-parties playing Half-Life. That hobby is still with me today!

I hope to see you out on the roads for some adventure in the future! – Be sure to follow me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube.

Bye for now 🙂

// Jeppay

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